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Clarifying Kit

Clarifying Kit

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Get the clear, flawless skin you’ve always wanted.  The Hydrating Face Cleanser is packed with anti-aging ingredients in a cream-to-foam formula that gently increases cellular renewal and effectively washes away makeup and debris without overdrying skin. Use the cleansing green tea Face Mask to flush out impurities from the skin while delivering antioxidants that brighten and revitalize your appearance.

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Face Cleanser

A very low concentration of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids shed the upper layers of the skin and encourage the production of new skin cells for a fresh, healthy complexion and smoother skin.

Allantoin and Jojoba are natural moisturizers which deeply penetrate and soften the skin.

Lactic Acid and Glycerin remove impurities and debris without stripping skin's natural conditioners and rejuvenating the appearance of skin.

Face Mask

Pulverized Green Matcha Tea, the purest and most delicate grade of Japanese green tea, infuses your skin with powerful antioxidants and catechins that will rejuvenate it and restore its natural vitality.

Natural extracts of Neem, Tea Tree and Rosemary remove impurities and pore-clogging residues while conditioning and balancing the skin.

A mix of natural Bentonite and Kaolin clays detoxify, remove excess oil and help reduce pore size for a purified and luminous complexion.

Face Cleanser

Face Cleanser gently and effectively cleanses skin by removing everyday impurities, dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping away the skin's essential nutrients.

Gentle enough for sensitive skin, it cleanses without overdrying and has exclusive extracts which help protect and hydrate the delicate and overexposed skin on the face. It noticeably improves skin tone, texture, and clarity while leaving your face with a radiant and velvety glow.

Use daily to obtain skin that's perfectly clean, soft, fresh, and balanced.

Face Mask

Purify, detoxify, clarify and reenergize your complexion. Feel the natural power of pulverized green tea working as it infuses your skin with antioxidants and catechins that will super-charge your skin for a gorgeous and luminous appearance that radiates with life.

The whipped and luscious texture of this mask is a delight to apply, as the velvety-soft clay absorbs impurities, toxins and excess oil from your skin. Leave on for several minutes and let this mask do its magic. Rinse to reveal a revitalized and clarified complexion.

Face Cleanser

Wet face and hands.

Massage with 2-3 pumps of product with fingertips over moist skin for two minutes.

Rinse well.

Face Mask

Gently spread a generous amount to cover the face and neck. Do not rub into the skin, apply thickly to the face area avoiding eyes and mouth.

Leave on for 5-10 minutes or until dry. Mask will dry and set.

Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Repeat two times per week (as needed). No need to wash face afterwards.

Face Cleanser

Q: What skin types is this product for?
A: This hydrating face cleanser is a gentle foaming cleanser that is designed to benefit all skin types. Because it doesn't contain soap or irritants and utilizes conditioning ingredients, it works well for all skin types.

Q: What results should I expect to see from using Face Cleanser?
A: Because of the presence of exclusive extracts, the product will help smooth and soften your skin after only a few uses and your complexion will look smooth, soft and refreshed. It will also hydrate your face without stripping the skin of its essential nutrients. With regular use of the product, your skin will continue to look fresher, more hydrated, and more radiant.

Q: How often should I use Face Cleanser?
A: Face Cleanser is a high-performance face cleanser to be used in place of soap-based products for regular daily cleansing of the skin. We generally recommend you use the product twice a day (once in the morning and once at night before you go to bed), but if you have oily skin or your skin accumulates a lot of dirt and impurities you may require additional usage.

Q: How long should one bottle last?
A: Face Cleanser is designed for regular daily use. How long it lasts varies widely from customer and customer, but on average it should last approximately 1-3 months.

Q: My skin feels dry and tight in the morning, but oily and shiny in the evening. Can Face Cleanser help me?
A: You may be using a soap that is stripping away your face's natural softeners. This causes initial dryness, but then provokes an overproduction of oil which makes your face appear oily afterwards. Wash with Face Cleanser in the mornings to combat this problem (use less amount of product if you have dry skin), and again in the evening only if your face still looks or feels oily.

Face Mask

Q: Why should I use the Green Tea Face Mask?
A: The Green Tea Face Mask can help you achieve clear, radiant and more younger looking skin by removing dead skin cells and toxins with a deep down cleansing. It absorbs impurities and excess oil and leaves your skin looking softer and more firm. We recommend use of this product even if your skin is relatively normal to oily. The mask, if used at least once a week, can clean and firm your skin in a deeper and more effective way than daily cleansing products.

Q: Why is green tea good for the skin?
A: Green tea has been used for centuries in a variety of capacities. Most notably, green tea formulations can reduce sun damage, by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation rather than by blocking UV rays. In addition, the high concentration of antioxidants in green tea help slow the signs of aging on the skin.

Q: Can I use the Face Mask to cleanse my skin instead of a face cleanser?
A: Yes, the Face Mask provides an excellent alternative to traditional cleansers. Green tea and clay have been used for millennia as natural gentle cleansers and help remove impurities while also soothing and calming the skin.

Q: Can I use it if I have acne?
A: Green Tea Face Mask is not designed to treat acne, but its powerful active ingredients will help absorb excess oil in your skin that can cause acne and it will improve the overall appearance of your skin. It is extremely effective in treating oily skin (which is usually acne prone) and detoxifying the skin.

Q: Does the Green Tea Face Mask contain irritating ingredients?
A: Even though it contains highly effective professional-grade ingredients, the Face Indulgence Night Cream is very gentle, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, unscented and contains no dyes or irritants.

Q: Is the Green Tea Face Mask suitable for all skin types?
A: Yes, all skin types will benefit from The product does not contain irritants, fragrances or dyes, and is suitable for all skin types. It absorbs quickly and is non-greasy and non-comedogenic.

Q: What can I do to improve excess oily skin?
A: Oily face skin is a problem that afflicts many people. A deep-cleansing face mask is key to your skincare routine. Our Green Tea Facial Cleansing Mask contains pure and natural pulverized green matcha tea that absorbs immediately and is extremely effective in treating oily skin and detoxifying the skin.

Q: How often can I use Green Tea Facial Cleansing Mask?
A: This clay mask can be used two or three times per week since it actually purifies and softens the skin.

Q: Should I use more Green Tea Facial Cleansing Mask in the summer?
A: Summer conditions affect your skin's natural moisture balance. The Green Tea Face Mask is a great choice for dealing with these environmental factors.

Q: Should I use the Green Tea Facial Cleansing Mask if I have normal to oily and oily skin?
A: The effective formulation of this clay mask absorbs excess oils and is ideal for normal to oily and oily skin types. If you feel that you need to balance your skin's moisture, we recommend that you use FemmeScience's ultralight, oil-free face moisturizer.

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