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Face Cleanser

Face Cleanser

Hydrate & Nourish While You Cleanse    4 oz.

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Relish the soothing foam of this hydrating cleanser, formulated with pure actives which help restore the skin's natural complexion and texture. This triple action product cleanses, softens and moisturizes the overexposed facial skin without stripping away the skin's essential nutrients leaving skin dewy and clean.

Key Benefits:

  • Gently removes impurities without overdrying
  • Restores and revitalizes the skin's natural moisture
  • Improves skin tone, texture and clarity
  • Softens skin leaving a dewy and clean glow


Glycolic Acid, Green Tea, Aloe, Avocado, Salicylic Acid, Allantoin, Glycerin, Pomegranate, Vitamins A, C, E.

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Face Cleanser Review Summary
Average Customer Rating: Write a Review
Face cleanser
By Cindy Tunstall from Charlotte, NC   on 7/17/2010
The face cleanser is the best I've ever used. I am 52 years old and over the years have tried everything from CVS products, to very expensive nu-skin, arbonne, and cleansers from spas and skin care specialists. This is my new cleanser for life. There is no comparison and for the first time in my life, I have no breakouts of any kind. I love it and thank you for a wonderful product.
Super clean.
By Jenny P. from Los Angeles on 6/2/2010
My skin is very tricky. It doesn't like all facial cleansers. It either tightens up my face or feels too rich on my face. For some reason I really liked this one! It felt gentle without feeling "gunky". I really liked it.
Love this cleanser!
By Leslie from  Miami, FL on 5/13/2010
I love this cleanser!! I have really dry skin and find that most facial cleansers are too harsh and dry my skin out, and tend to over-exfoliate. This creamy cleanser is incredibly hydrating, and skin still feels clean and smooth afterwards. It has the perfect balance of moisture and my face feels fresh and creamy, morning and night.

A very low concentration of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids shed the upper layers of the skin and encourage the production of new skin cells for a fresh, healthy complexion and smoother skin.

Allantoin and Jojoba are natural moisturizers which deeply penetrate and soften the skin.

Lactic Acid and Glycerin remove impurities and debris without stripping skin's natural conditioners and rejuvenating the appearance of skin.

Face Cleanser gently and effectively cleanses skin by removing everyday impurities, dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping away the skin's essential nutrients.

Gentle enough for sensitive skin, it cleanses without overdrying and has exclusive extracts which help protect and hydrate the delicate and overexposed skin on the face. It noticeably improves skin tone, texture, and clarity while leaving your face with a radiant and velvety glow.

Use daily to obtain skin that's perfectly clean, soft, fresh, and balanced.

Wet face and hands.

Massage with 2-3 pumps of product with fingertips over moist skin for two minutes.

Rinse well.

Q: What skin types is this product for?
A: This hydrating face cleanser is a gentle foaming cleanser that is designed to benefit all skin types. Because it doesn't contain soap or irritants and utilizes conditioning ingredients, it works well for all skin types.

Q: What results should I expect to see from using Face Cleanser?
A: Because of the presence of exclusive extracts, the product will help smooth and soften your skin after only a few uses and your complexion will look smooth, soft and refreshed. It will also hydrate your face without stripping the skin of its essential nutrients. With regular use of the product, your skin will continue to look fresher, more hydrated, and more radiant.

Q: How often should I use Face Cleanser?
A: Face Cleanser is a high-performance face cleanser to be used in place of soap-based products for regular daily cleansing of the skin. We generally recommend you use the product twice a day (once in the morning and once at night before you go to bed), but if you have oily skin or your skin accumulates a lot of dirt and impurities you may require additional usage.

Q: How long should one bottle last?
A: Face Cleanser is designed for regular daily use. How long it lasts varies widely from customer and customer, but on average it should last approximately 1-3 months.

Q: My skin feels dry and tight in the morning, but oily and shiny in the evening. Can Face Cleanser help me?
A: You may be using a soap that is stripping away your face's natural softeners. This causes initial dryness, but then provokes an overproduction of oil which makes your face appear oily afterwards. Wash with Face Cleanser in the mornings to combat this problem (use less amount of product if you have dry skin), and again in the evening only if your face still looks or feels oily.

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