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If you want to link to us from a skincare, beauty, or general site please use the following:

Title: Skin Care
URL: http://www.femmescience.com/
Description: FemmeScience was created with advanced formulations to enhance the vitality and radiance of youthful skin.

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If you want to link to us from as anti-aging site please use the following:

Title: Anti-Aging Products
URL: http://www.femmescience.com/anti-aging-face-cream_p_4.html
Description: FemmeScience Age Control is the best anti aging skin care treatment for the modern woman.

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Communication regarding link requests should be sent to:
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Link request for www.yourwebsite.com

FemmeScience linking policies:

  • FemmeScience.com links to websites with similar content (skincare and beauty)
  • We will not accept requests from parties that ask us to link to domain-a while they will link to femmescience.com from domain-b
  • FemmeScience.com does not exchange links with web directories, search engines, or other "listings" type websites.

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